Positive Reflection of Amal Journey!

I had got selected in the previous batch but Amal postponed my seat to the next batch because of my educational duration. I have been selected for an Amal Career-Prep Fellowship and it was one of the finest decisions of my life to be part of this. I learned much more than I expect from this platform. It’s been an excessively astonishing excursion up until this point and now when it’s going last snapshots of partnership it is protected to infer that it clearly affects the character that I can feel. Some of the main features which I have learned from it are the following,

Passing through the every week project, I always faced informative and interesting project ahead, kindle sessions, online courses, inspiring real-life examples, and unforgettable group discussions. Sir Noor Alam and Ma’am Arfa, which are always standing along to direct and lead.

The main topic which I fascinated by is the part of that interview given by Will Smith and further effort for his job in his movie, “Pursuit of Happyness”. In his interview, he said a statement which I often quote for me whenever I can’t find a way to resolve any kind of hindrance.

“I am that kinda person who hasn't the solution of the problem but I know the way how to find the solution.”

Though all the parts of this movie are worth mentioning, this quote attracts me to the message behind this film. His consistency with his work is the fruit of his achievements. In his final interview after his completion of the internship and offered a job, he was asked about the journey that “Is it easy or not??” Will Smith replied: “No It wasn't easy.” That's the moment when I realize, success is not something that we can get through spoon-feeding, it’s something which we have to struggle and fight.

These are some traits that I got in this fellowship:

  • Consistency
  • Hard Work
  • Opportunity
  • Leading without power/authority
  • Possible is everything
  • Self Belief
  • Learning

Best of luck to all of my fellows and team.