I had got selected in the previous batch but Amal postponed my seat to the next batch because of my educational duration. I have been selected for an Amal Career-Prep Fellowship and it was one of the finest decisions of my life to be part of this. I learned much…

Time administration may be a key ability to attain a victory in life. I’m not a really devoted individual and can’t continuously work with my temperament without any time check. But after knowing the strategy of Pomodoro, I realized its significance in life. As per instruction, I attempted to cover…

From Udder To Door with Report

Problem Statement:

The consumption and the production of milk in Pakistan have a huge difference in figures. People consume 36.5 billion liters of milk yearly but the production is less than 30 billion liters per year. So from where we consume the rest of our demand? No one is a kid here who is unable to understand.

Possible is everything. That is a famous quote, to make something possible we have a mindset that always intended to do us what we think.
By using the techniques (TOTKAY) I have learned to keep my mind on track along with its growth.

We always read a word which is…

“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” –Bill Copeland

I specified a goal in the assignment which is Masters abroad especially in the EU at scholarship. The documentation process is almost done but the only fear in me is that what about Letter of Motivation or Study Plan? It seemed to me a hectic procedure. So here initially I collected the samples of Letter of Motivation from different sources to look how it goes, with keeping one thing in mind: #JustStart the work and let the work teach you.

Activity Goal: As Per My Thoughts

We fix something in a different way most of the time. But never noticed how these things bring change towards our thoughts and creativity. When we fix something with this mindset that this is our task so many of us are trying to learn…

By Shahzaib Saeed

You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you”. John Bunyan

Kindness is an expression that includes such aspects as love, smile, offer, care, empathy, etc. One smallest thing can make anyone smile. It is such a virtue that brings one closer…

Shahzaib Saeed

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